“Don’t worry. I have a plan”


–No se preocupen.–
Verb: PREOCUPARSE (to worry oneself)
Negative Ustedes Command: Present Subjunctive
PSJK: Go to YO, drop the O, add the OPPOSITE”
PREOCUPARSE becomes PREOCUPO, then PREOCUP, then PREOCUPEN to match ustedes.
Subtract the “SE” off put it in front of the verb.       –No se preocupen–

“Don’t go anywhere”


–No te vayas.–
Verb: IRSE (to go/to leave)
Negative Tú Command: Present Subjunctive
PSJK: Normal steps “Go to YO, drop the O, add the OPPOSITE” don’t work. There is no “o” and the end of “voy.”
IRREGULAR PSJK: IR becomes vaya, vayas, vaya…
Take the “SE” off and make it into “TE”       –No te vayas–

Don’t Panic, Don’t Freak Out


–¡No entres en pánico!–

Negative Tú Command: Present Subjunctive
PSJK: Go to YO, drop the O, add the OPPOSITE
ENTRAR becomes ENTRO, then ENTR, then ENTRES to match tú.
–No entres– Do not enter


–Yo no entro en pánico– I’m not freaking out

Present Tense
ENTRAR goes to the YO form: Yo no entro…

el escaparate

el escaparate: the storefront window

la mota: a tiny piece, speck

campestre: (adj.) country, rural

el cuerno: horn (animal)

el anillo: ring (worn on a finger)

una pausa: a pause


gallofero and achicharrarse

gallofero: lazy bum

achicharrarse: to scorch oneself, to get burnt

El gallofero se achicharró usando un fósforo para encender el cigarillo.
The lazy bum burnt himself using a match to light a cigarette.


el coraje: courage

Se necesita el coraje para escribir la Prueba de la Muerte.
Courage is needed in order to write the Quiz of Death.

Para la Prueba de la Vida, no se necesita el coraje. Sólo se necesita la disciplina.
For the quiz of life, courage is not needed. Only is needed discipline.

¿Tienes el coraje para pedirle bailar?
Do you have the courage to ask her to dance?


Valer: to be worth

Vale la pena: It’s worth the pain (effort)

Vale: Okay (expression)

La educación tuya vale más que sabes. La mayoría de la población del mundo todavía no sabe leer.
The education of yours is worth more than you know. The majority of the world population still doesn’t know how to read.

Vale la pena aprender español.
It’s worth the effort to learn Spanish.

–¿Quieres tú ir al cine conmigo? Compraré las palomitas…–
“Do you want to go to the movies with me? I will buy the popcorn.”