“Don’t worry. I have a plan”


–No se preocupen.–
Verb: PREOCUPARSE (to worry oneself)
Negative Ustedes Command: Present Subjunctive
PSJK: Go to YO, drop the O, add the OPPOSITE”
PREOCUPARSE becomes PREOCUPO, then PREOCUP, then PREOCUPEN to match ustedes.
Subtract the “SE” off put it in front of the verb.       –No se preocupen–

“Don’t go anywhere”


–No te vayas.–
Verb: IRSE (to go/to leave)
Negative Tú Command: Present Subjunctive
PSJK: Normal steps “Go to YO, drop the O, add the OPPOSITE” don’t work. There is no “o” and the end of “voy.”
IRREGULAR PSJK: IR becomes vaya, vayas, vaya…
Take the “SE” off and make it into “TE”       –No te vayas–