“Don’t be jealous that I’ve been chatting online with babes all day”

no te pongas celoso

–No te pongas…–
Verb: PONERSE (to put on oneself, to become)
Negative Tú Command: Present Subjunctive
PSJK: Go to YO, drop the O, add the OPPOSITE”
PONERSE becomes PONGO, then PONG, then PONGAS to match tú.
Subtract the “SE” off put it in front of the verb.       –No te pongas…–

–…estaba hablando–
Verb: ESTAR (to be)
Imperfect combined with “ing”: IMP-ing
IMP: ESTAR in the IMP becomes ESTABA to match yo
“ing” : HABLAR drops AR ending and adds “ANDO” = HABLANDO
Place HABLANDO directly after ESTABA       –…estaba hablando…–

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