¡Hola, maestros! Aquí vamos…

Vocab Basics

Play the Vocab Basics on the screen then walk around the room and listen to students echo the Spanish. Students work on reading and pronunciation. These videos are also helpful for chronically absent students who still need to hear Spanish outside of class.


Grammar videos explain a lot in a little time. They explain in English so we don’t have to. 


Curated videos to help students see beyond the classroom.


A collection of music/videos, organized by country. Shrink the window down to a small size  (1/8 of your screen) and use the videos as background music while students work. You still have plenty of space on your screen to display models/instructions and students that finish early have something to watch. Most videos range in length 3-5min. 


Short, fun videos to get the students talking. Used to reinforce a particular grammar point.


Essential to keeping the class rolling and motivating slower workers. Shrink the window down as small as possible and leave it on screen so students can see. 3 and 4-minute timers are useful for when students study vocabulary with each other, and 2, 1-minute, and 30-second timers are especially useful for games.