How to Get an “A” in Spanish and Keep It

I wrote a grammar book once. Surprised?

It’s on iTunes for a dollar, but it’s also right here (mostly because I have given up on marketing). Here’s my plug:

One thing stands between you and an “A” in Spanish class: your lack of understanding. You don’t know how the classroom game really works on the teacher’s end, and since you haven’t mastered English grammar, Spanish grammar is torture.

You need a guide that reveals the game and eliminates the pain!

How to Get and “A” in Spanish and Keep It supplies you with tips for absorbing new words, improving your writing and speaking skills, performing awesome presentations–and more! Parts of speech are clearly explained. Verb tenses are mapped out. Rules are simplified. Understanding is granted!

Not too shabby. Don’t know why it’s not a NewYorkTimes Bestseller.

But the whole thing is easier to walk through with someone anyway. So, let’s do that together, shall we?


6 Colors

3 Puzzle Pieces


Verbs Are Like Presents

Presents You Don’t Like

Verbs Have a Past

and a Future

and sometimes make Conditions

Adjectives ADD to What You Know

A Few Chapters From My Book