The Quiz of Death

The Quiz of Death

This Mastery Quiz came first.

The Quiz of Death is for the Preterite Tense, a tense we use to describe things that happened once and/or are done/completed events.

Classic example:

  • Romeo thought Juliet was dead, so he drank the poison and died.
  • Juliet woke upsaw a dead Romeo, kissed him (hoping there was still some poison on his lips), and then when that didn’t work she stabbed herself and died.

Morbid, yes, but like Shakespeare, Spaniards have a thing with death.

Anyway, check out the The Instructional Packet for the Quiz of Death. The spelling rules for all these verbs are organized according to what page the verbs are on. Certain rules apply for all the verbs on Page One, other rules apply for all the verbs on Page Two, etc.

Here’s the The Quiz of Death Practice Packet.


Step One: Fill Out Your Practice Packet

Use this Instructional Packet

Step Two: Study (you can practice at home)

Step Three: Take The Mastery Quiz

How to take the Mastery Quiz

  1. As soon as you get your slip of paper, put your name and the date on it.
  2. Write down the Infinitives for the day, plus their definitions.
  3. Write down all the subject pronouns (yo, tú, él, etc.)
  4. Conjugate the verbs for the tense you are studying.
  5. Then do any verbs you missed from the day before in the amount of time left.
  6. When time is up, put your pencil down even if you are in the middle of a verb. If you continue, none of your verbs for that day will count.

How to Check Your Partner’s Work

  1. Once time is called stop writing and trade papers with your partner.
  2. Get out your practice packet and look up the verbs for today. Did your partner get them 100% correct? If not, stop. Do not copy.
  3. If your partner did get the verbs 100% correct, they have the INFINITIVE, the meaning, all the subject pronouns, and the correct spelling of the verb. If your partner missed any of those, it is not 100% correct. Do not copy. (Did they forget to write the meaning? Do not copy. Did they not write the subject pronouns? Do not copy. Did they miss an accent or forget a letter? Do not copy.) You only want to copy a verb that is 100% correct because if it is in any way wrong and you copy it, YOU will lose points. That verb will count against YOU.
  4. Once you have determined that the verb is 100% correct, turn to the appropriate spot on your partner’s test on the one marked REAL, and copy the complete answer: Infinitive, meaning, subject pronouns, and verb.
  5. Next to the verb that you copied, add today’s date and your initials and seat number. You are signing off that you deem your partners work 100% correct.
  6. If your partner missed one verb, but got the other, copy the one that is correct and tell your partner about the one that is incorrect. You partner can do that verb the next day (along with whatever verb comes next).
  7. If you missed a verb, make a note on your practice packet to get it ready for the next time.
  8. Hand in the test marked REAL.
  9. Hand in the slips of paper.