The Magical Grade Breakdown

If you want your grade to hover in the D/F range, here’s how you get there:

  1. Don’t Follow Directions.
  2. Forget to hand things in.
  3. Forget to make up your missed quizzes/tests.
  4. Forget about the Final Projects until the day before.
  5. Don’t Do much of anything.

That’s the easy way to earn an F or D.

Wow. Thanks.

You’re welcome.

If you happen to want to earn a C, here’s what you do:

  1. Complete your work and Care enough to hand it in on time.
  2. Come to Class.
  3. Cooperate with your Compañero or Compañera when doing Classroom activities.
  4. Complete your projects.
  5. Copy down the notes and Consider how they might be applied to your work.

C is for cookie.

That’s good enough for me. 


If you want to earn a B or an A, do everything C does, but Actually do it Better.

  1. Better work means you make your work closer to Actually Being correct, not just complete.
  2. Better coming to class means you stop engaging your phone and you Are Aware of your surroundings (which helps with learning).
  3. Better cooperation with your partner means you Actively participate in making Both of you Better at the activity you’re working on.
  4. Better completion of projects means you Allow the directions to influence your project. (Students that earn an A follow ALL the directions, not just a few.)
  5. Better note taking means you don’t write it down to have it, you write it down to Actually use it.

I wish it were that easy to give students grades. But that’s the trick: I don’t get to give them. You get to earn them.