Surf’s Up Story

You’ll do this in either the present or the past. I’ll let you know.

Cody is/was a penguin and he has/had 17 years.

Cody (ser) ______________ pingüino y (tener) ______________ diecisiete años.

To him is pleasing/was pleasing to surf.

A él le (gustar) ______________ hacer surfing.

He talks/talked about surfing and about Big Z, the surf champion.

Él (hablar) ______________ de surfing y de Gran Zeta, el campeón de surfing.

Big Z comes/came to Shiverpool and gives/gave Cody a necklace.

Gran Zeta (venir) ______________ a Shiverpool y (darle) ______________ a Cody un collar.

Cody is/was the best on the island. He lives/lived with his mom and brother.

Cody (ser) ______________ el mejor en la isla. Él (vivir) ______________ con su mamá y hermano.

Mom doesn’t cook/didn’t cook. She vomits/used to vomit the food.

Mamá no (cocinar) ______________. Ella (vomitar) ______________ la comida.

Pen Gu Island is/was the surf capital of the world. It is/was a beautiful island.

La Isla Pen Gu (ser) ______________ el capital de surf del mundo. (Ser) ______________ una isla bonita.

Tank is/was the new champion. Tank breaks/broke the surfboards of children.

Tank (ser) ______________ el campeón nuevo. Tank (romper) ______________ las tablas de niños.

Cody climbs up/climbed up the whale and meets/met Chicken Joe.

Cody (subir) ______________ la ballena y (conocer) ______________ a Pepe el Pollo.

Cody and Joe arrive/arrived at Pen Gu Island and meet/met professional surfers.

Cody y Pepe (llegar) ______________ a la Isla Pen Gu y (conocer) ______________ a surfistas profesionales.

Cody says/said, -I’m in love.-  Lani saves/saved Arnold.

Cody (decirle) ______________ a Pepe, –Estoy enamorado.–  Lani (salvarlo) ______________ a Arnold.

Cody and Tank surf/surfed a big wave. Cody falls/fell and Lani saves/saved him.

Cody y Tank (hacer surf) ______________ una ola grande. Cody (caerse) ______________ y Lani (salvarlo) ______________.

Chicken Joe faints/fainted and Lani brings/brought Cody to Geek.

Pepe el Pollo (desmayarse) ______________ y Lani (traerle) ______________ a Cody a Geek.

Chicken Joe wakes/woke up and looks/looked for Cody.

Pepe (despertarse) ______________ y (buscar) ______________ a Cody.

To Cody loses/lost the BigZ necklace. Geek brings/brought it to him and offers/offered to make a surfboard from Koa wood.

A Cody se le (perder) ______________ el collar de Gran Zeta. Geek se lo (traer) ______________ y (ofrecerle) ______________ hacer una tabla de madera de Koa.

Cody asks/asked Geek if he is/was a surfer.

Cody (pedirle) ______________ a Geek si él (ser) ______________ surfista.

By accident, Cody and Geek go/went to the beach. Cody finds/found Big Z’s surfboards.

Por accidente, Cody y Geek (ir) ______________ a la playa. Cody (encontrar) ______________ las tablas de Gran Zeta.

Cody realizes/realized that Geek is/was Big Z.

Cody (darse) ______________ cuenta que Geek (ser) ______________ Gran Zeta.

Geek is/was sad and wants/wanted to be alone.

Geek (estar) ______________ y (querer) ______________ estar solo.

Cody wants/wanted to train himself with Big Z.

Cody (querer) ______________ entrenarse con Gran Zeta.

Geek says/said to Cody, –Don’t touch my stuff, man.–

Geek (decirle) ______________ a Cody, –No (tocar) ______________ mis cosas, viejo.–

Geek teaches/taught to Cody the way to make a board.

Geek (enseñarle) ______________ a Cody la manera de hacer una tabla.

Geek says/said to Cody, –Don’t cut yourself.–

Geek (decirle) ______________ a Cody, –No (cortarse) ______________.–

Cody doesn’t/didn’t have time to enjoy himself.

Cody no (tener) ______________ tiempo para divertirse.

Lani is/was very happy that Geek is/was at the beach.

Lani (estar) ______________ muy contenta que Geek (estar) ______________ en la playa.

Cody tries/tried again to make a board.

Cody (tratar) ______________ de nuevo de hacer una tabla.

Geek and Cody train/trained  like crazy people until Cody enjoys/enjoyed himself.

Geek y Cody (entrenarse) ______________ como dementes hasta que Cody (divertirse) ______________.

Geek sings/sang a song and plays/played the ukulele.

Geek (cantar) ______________ una canción y (tocar) ______________ el ukulele.

Cody wants/wanted that Geek comes/came to the contest of surfing.

Cody (querer) ______________ que Geek (venir) ______________ al concurso de surf.

Geek to him tells/told the history of what happened.

Geek (contarle) ______________ la historia de lo que pasó.

Geek falls/fell in front of everyone like Cody.

Geek (caerse) ______________ en frente de todos como Cody.

Geek doesn’t/didn’t want to be a loser.

Geek no (querer) ______________ ser un perdedor.

Cody enters/entered the contest and does/did well.

Cody (entrar) ______________ el concurso y (hacer) ______________ bien.

Cody helps/helped Joe and Geek saves/saved to Cody the life. 

Cody (ayudarle) ______________ a Pepe y Gran Zeta (salvarle) ______________ a Cody la vida.

Joe wins/won and Cody is/was a loser.

Pepe (ganar) ______________ y Cody (ser) ______________ un perdedor.

How was Cody losing foreshadowed?

  • Cody won the race against Lani, but he took the wrong path and ended up in a pile of poop, which is what the children penguins called Tank. A trashcan full of poop. This not only shows how empty winning can be with the wrong attitude, but equates Tank and Cody as both losers. In order to really win, Cody needs a change in attitude.
  • The children penguins said you never know what might happen to a trophy, but friends are forever. Cody’s motivation for losing is his friendship with Joe. Cody loses to keep Joe safe.
  • At the beginning, Cody said one day he would be just like Big Z. And now he is. Both lost. Both lost on purpose. Both let someone else win. Both now surf for the fun of it.
  • Bookend Foreshadowing: Cody’s brother called him a loser at the very beginning, and at the end, Big Z calls him a loser. The difference is now Cody is okay with losing.