Spanish 9 Treasure Chest and Map Project


The Treasure Chest
(prep time varies)

You are going to create a treasure chest no larger than a shoe box. (You may, in fact, use a shoe box. If you do, make sure it actually looks like a treasure chest.)


You will put 3 well-chosen, school-appropriate, personal items into the chest and then bring the chest to school where you will present the items to the class. (This will happen toward the end of the term. Don’t panic. You have plenty of time to prepare. Plus I’m going to give you a basic script with blanks that you can fill in and learn.



Download that SCRIPT and GRADING RUBRIC here: Treasure Chest and Map. Treasure Map and Chest RUBRIC.

Be sure to pay attention to the RUBRIC. It will tell you how you’ll earn your grade.

The Treasure Map
(approximately 2 hours)

After you present your treasured items, you will return them to the chest and show us your treasure map. Your map is to be based upon one of the Caribbean Islands. Yes, it needs to look just like one that actually exists! Your map is to be labeled with Spanish vocabulary indicating:

  • important cities
  • and the types of geography: rivers, mountains, beaches, etc.

You will then walk us through where you’re “going to hide” your treasure chest on the island. (Again, see the script I give you for ideas/wording. And please make sure your directions and where you mark your “X” on the map actually line up.)

Your treasure map needs to be large enough to be seen from the back of the class. Poster size should work.

What You Can Expect That We WILL and WON’T Do In Class

We will NOT make the treasure box in class. You’re on your own for that. We MIGHT discuss what you COULD put in it, but let’s not say for sure what you will because it’ll be more fun for the class to guess a few items when you present.

We will NOT make the treasure map in class, although you MIGHT get some time to research the Caribbean Islands and their shapes, and I MIGHT be able to find some graph paper for you to practice on before you make your final map.

You WILL get time to go over what you’re going to say, either with a classmate or with me–provided you access the script–and you WILL get introduced to most of the vocabulary you’ll need to use.

You MIGHT get time to rehearse with the students at your table. It’s always a good idea to practice with a smaller audience first.


Have fun,