Spanish 11 intro


Primera Etapa

Back to School, Meeting People

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Capítulo 1

Things You Do and GUSTAR

Download ¿Qué Te Gusta Hacer? PPT

Describing Yourself and People

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Capítulo 2

Describing Classes

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Locations of Items Around the Classroom

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Capítulo 3

Talking about Food, Breakfast and Lunch

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Talking about Food, Dinner and Health

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Capítulo 4

Where You’re From, Where You’re Going

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Sports You Play and Time Obligation

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Capítulo 5

Express Your Feelings

Family and Age


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Describe Physical Appearance


Download Capítulo 5B Vocabulary

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Capítulo 6




Download Capítulo 6A Vocabulary

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Capítulo 7

Download Capítulo 7A Vocabulary

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Capítulo 8

Download Capítulo 8A Vocabulary

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Capítulo 9

Download Capítulo 9A Vocabulary

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