Spanish 11/12 the Caribbean Project

You have ONE project choice: The Great Vacation that Went Wrong



Download and Print Rubric for Vacation that Went Wrong

You recently went on vacation to one of the Caribbean Islands. Everything was going great… and then something went wrong. Really wrong. You get to tell us the story.

Your story needs to be at least 15 sentences long, and nor more than 30.

You need to present pictures of your adventure, and you need to be in the pictures. These need to be actual pictures of the island you choose to visit and need to convey the story.

You must hand in to me–BEFORE YOU BEGIN TO PRESENT–a clean copy of what you’re about to say. If you get stuck, I can prompt you.

How can you do this? During lunch or after class, take pictures of yourself in front of the green paper on our classroom wall. Work some computer/phone magic and put yourself into your pictures.

Make a Power Point. Check your file size. If it’s too big to email, figure out another way to bring it in.

OR find some other way of bringing in LARGE visual representation of your trip.

You may not pre-record yourself. You must do this presentation live and you may use note cards, but if you’re reading to us the whole time, you’ll lose points.

Yes, it’s tempting to use Google to translate your stuff. Don’t use a translator. If it’s not your work, you’ll lose big time. Your sentences should be simple enough that you can write them on your own. Stick with the IMP and the PT tenses. Use the vocabulary from our text. Use the dictionary on your desk. Ask for help.

STEP ONE: PICK AN ISLAND – focus on research, not your story.

STEP TWO: FIND THINGS YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO ON THAT ISLAND WHILE ON VACATION – For example, I can’t go snowshoeing in Hawaii. No snow. Oh, and Hawaii isn’t in the Caribbean. Bummer.

STEP THREE: GATHER IMAGES OF THE ISLAND THAT YOU COULD USE IN YOUR STORY. Begin to develop the idea of a great, amazing vacation–something you might actually want to do. Swim with sea turtles or stingrays? Go zip-line touring through tropical forests?

THEN get around to what went wrong.

One student found that there was an island with a high percentage of kidnappings, so what went wrong? The student got kidnapped.

Boat wreck. Tropical storm. Be creative, but keep it school appropriate.

What You Can Expect We WILL and WON’T Do In Class

We WILL take some time to research Caribbean Islands to get inspired.

We MAY take some time to do some rough-draft writing. Don’t wait for this, though. Begin as soon as you can so that you are comfortable with your story.

We will NOT have time to produce a final copy of the PPT. You have to do that on your own.


Have fun!