Spanish 11/12 Book Project

You are to create a book for children. Here are the requirements:

  1. It must be in Spanish–that you already know! No translator use allowed. We have many vocabulary words (including the short stories we’ve done, and the book) for you to pull from.
  2. You are to tell a story in the past, correctly using the past tenses we have worked on (PT-for single action, and IMP for any S.H.E.D.S. reasons). Your story content must be appropriate for young children. No extreme violence. No innuendos.
  3. Your story cannot be fewer than 10 sentences, and cannot be more than 20, including dialogue. These are to be short stories.
  4. Your story must be accompanied by colored illustrations.
  5. ALL STORIES ARE DUE 5 CLASS DAYS BEFORE THE FINAL EXAM–because you need time to share them with the class!

Here’s what I suggest:

  • Start now.
  • Draft the words of your story using easy vocabulary from our lists. Be sure to describe your character and come to a sensible conclusion. The best idea may be to use a storyboard. Ask for one.
  • Write your OWN story.
  • Get your story idea/draft approved by me before moving into the art mode.
  • Like the passport project, put it together first, then fill it in. Have a cover folded around the pages, then staple it all together.

Stories can be submitted at any time, but MUST be submitted 5 CLASS DAYS before the final exam. This way, I have time to grade them and you have time to present them.

I suggest using white printer paper and folding it in half to make a booklet.

You can then use the document camera to present to the class.

If you prefer, you can make a COPY of your book into a PPT or a video. Even copies are due 5 class days before the final exam.

Either way, I still need the original booklet.

Booklets may be picked up the day of the final exam.