Spanish 10 Vacation Island Project

Congratulations! You’ve just won an all-paid exclusive package to… create a vacation island!

Island 10 Vacation Island Rubric

Spanish 10 Island Project Script

Step 1: Pick an Island for a Vacation Spot

Find an island in the Caribbean that interests you. Then search out things that people can actually do on that island during a vacation.

Step 2: Create a Vacation Business

Create a business that relies on tourists and activities they can do. Make a company name. Have prices. Be able to offer great accommodations. 

Step 3: Put Together Advertising Material

Everyone will make a brochure, plus one of the accompanying ideas.

Part 1: Brochure

You need to create a travel brochure to hand out to the class (at least 4 copies). In your brochure you will have pictures of the island you have chosen. You will:

  • advertise your company by name
  • advertise what people can do
  • list prices
  • say how people can arrive/travel to and from airport
  • give specifics about the location (tourist stuff to do)

Sentence count on your brochure? Minimum 10. Max 15. At least 5 sentences need to be in the PSJK (commanding or wanting visitors to do something). There is a partial prompt script you can use to get started. Spanish 10 Island Project Script

Don’t forget to check the Rubric Island 10 Vacation Island Rubric

Part 2: Choose one to accompany your presentation

The 3D Island

You are to create a 3D version of one of the “Caribbean Islands.” This may be difficult to replicate exactly, so there is freedom to at least create an island scene.

You may use all sorts of materials–Play Dough, clay, LEGOs, etc–provided that your island is small enough to be portable. You will need to bring your island to school and use it in your presentation. Shoe-box size is a good size.

Be sure it’s colorful, and if you transport it in a box consider dressing up the inside of the box as well.

Don’t forget to check the Rubric Island 10 Vacation Island Rubric


You can also make a trifold (large enough for the class to see) that advertises your vacation island experience: traditional vacation; historical vacation; extreme sport vacation; ecological vacation, etc.

Of course you need pictures, and you need your work to be in Spanish! This is not as hard as it seems at first. For the most part, you will use the Present Subjunctive to give commands (in the ustedes form) saying things like, “Enjoy our beaches!” and “Swim with the turtles!”

Don’t forget to USE THE SCRIPT IDEAS to get a good start.

Spanish 10 Island Project Script

Remember to introduce your hotel/resort/company–it should have a cool name–along with prices and accommodations. You should also be specific about your location. What city is nearby? What can people do in that city? How can they expect to travel around, etc.

You can put the same information that is in your brochures on your trifold. That is professionally acceptable, but make sure you take the time to make your “Spanish words” correct. Don’t panic. Your sentences don’t need to be long, and I’m going to look them over in advance anyway (provided you give me enough time).

Don’t forget to check the Rubric Island 10 Vacation Island Rubric

(your chance to skip a live presentation)

If you already like to work with video and would rather create a promo video instead of a trifold, you may. However…

  • you must actually appear in the video while speaking Spanish–not just a voiceover
  • and the video needs to be between 1.5 minutes to 2.5 minutes.
  • Your script should still include all the necessary parts.
  • And your video must be posted on YouTube and viewable three days before the project is due for everyone else in class.

Don’t forget to check the Rubric Island 10 Vacation Island Rubric

Step 4: Present Your Island Vacation Spot to the Class

Bring in your brochures and accompanying prop of choice and talk to the class about your island. For the most part this can be a recitation of what is on your brochure. Use your props. Point to your props. Engage with them. Connect your audience to project. Be familiar enough with your project that you can talk about it.

What You Can Expect We WILL and WON’T Do In Class

You WILL get time to check out some Caribbean Islands (online, not a field trip). Consider gathering the following information:

  • where your vacation spot is located (on which island, near which city)
  • typical tourist attractions besides your spot (People like to get out and see a variety of things, not just your fancy place. So where can they go? What else can they do besides your marvelous adventure?) 
  • what factually makes your island interesting (Is there a famous sunken ship nearby? What is true and intriguing about your island?)

You WILL get time to have your Spanish words looked over before you put them into print.

You will NOT get time to cut, glue, print and/or construct your trifold, brochure, and island. That kind of work needs to occur outside of class.

And you WILL get time to practice saying the information/advertisement you have on your trifold and brochures with a partner before presenting to the class.

You’ve won–so have fun!