Spanish 10 Música

Álvaro Soler

Is a Spanish-German singer. He rose to prominence across Europe and Latin America with his 2015 hit “El Mismo Sol”, primarily hitting success in Italy, Switzerland and Mexico. His follow up single “Sofia” in 2016 also achieved chart success in European countries, reaching number 1 in Poland, Italy and Switzerland.


From Barranquilla, Colombia
Has sold over 75 million records worldwide and was listed as among world’s top 100 most powerful women in the world.

Comando Tiburón

The Shark Command was born in 1995 with the idea of ​​identifying a group of radio DJs, DJ Flecha, Rolo and DJ Magnetic, under the same group. This group of DJs was dedicated to bringing music to listeners in Panama City on a radio station called Super Q on a radio show called ”The Shark Command Show ”.

Martillo Vago

Peter Faulhammer, also known as Martillo Vago, is a former member of Sash!. Martillo Vago is a transliteration of Faulhammer’s last name.