Spanish 10 Daily Sentences 2020

We’re at the point now where you should be able to handle different sentence structures. In the days we have left, please focus your Daily 10 Sentences.

  • Day 8: You and your messy roommate need to get the chores done. Write sentences where you cut a deal. ”I can clean the bathroom, but you have to cut the lawn.” –Yo puedo limpiar el baño, pero tú tienes que cortar el césped.– (Go ahead and use that pattern: Yo puedo… pero tú tienes que…
  • Day 9: Write 5 sentences about what you have to do. “Yo tengo que…” I have to wash the clothes, etc. Then write 5 sentences commanding your younger siblings to do chores. “Laven los platos.” Wash the dishes. Use the PSJK and ustedes form for those commands. Don’t know how to make the PSJK? Go to and watch the video on how to make PSJK.
  • Day 11: Watch the video on how to make the P-ing and the PF. Then write 5 sentences telling what you are doing and 5 telling what you are going to do.
  • Day 12: Draw a mall and include all the shopping stores from the vocabulary list. Then write sentences describing where the stores are. Use ESTAR and “a la derecha de” “a la izquierda de” “lejos de” and “cerca de” to say where the stores are in relation to each other.
  • Day 15: Write PSJK sentences in which the first subject wants/hopes/needs/commands that the second subject do something (like buy items for the party, or help out in some way). Ex: Abuela espera que el tío compre los dulces.
  • Day 16: Write PSJK sentences in which Mom wants/insists that your younger siblings do certain chores. Ex: Mamá insiste en que ustedes corten el césped.
  • Day 17: Write P-ing sentences to describe what you are looking for (use clothing items) and sentences that answer telling where people should go to find those close. Ex: Yo estoy buscando zapatos verdes. Ve a la zapatería Payless.
  • Day 18: Write sentences describing people, saying how old they are and what they look like physically. You can also write sentences saying what color things are. Ex: La joven tiene 19 años y tiene pelo rubio. Ella es alta.
  • Day 19: Write sentences describing how people feel, and other sentences saying where things are located. Ex: El hombre está contento. La cama está en el dormitorio.
  • Day 20: Write sentences describing the conditions of things around the house and tell everyone else to do something about it. Ex: La ropa está sucia. Laven la ropa. El baño está sucio. Limpien el baño.

Writing the sentences is great. Handing them in is also great. Do both.