Sp 10 Projects and Presentations

Presentation #1 Family Members

Take a picture or copy down the directions (and model) on page 241.

Bring in at least three pictures of family members to talk to the class about. You can use real pictures or magazine pictures or colored drawings. You can put them all on a poster board to help show how they’re related, or you can hold them up one at a time. Or, you can make a PPT and include photos (but you’ll have to get PPTs to me earlier than a poster).

You may have notes for what you’re saying–that’s fine if you get nervous. But practice in front of a mirror until you know your stuff and can make eye contact with the class. If you can memorize it and not use your notes, that means you took the time to get it done far enough in advance to have internalized what you’re saying. You’ll score higher.

You’ll hand in a copy of what you’re going to say to me BEFORE you begin. So have two copies if you need one for yourself.

Don’t NOT use your props. Make sure you use them, and use them correctly. Practice with them. Holding up a picture of your mom while talking about your brother or your pet… that’s confusing.

Feel free to invent your family. Maybe someone has super powers. Maybe you all do.

Be sure to tell: name, relationship to you, age, and favorite activity for EACH person.

Due soon. Don’t wait to get started.

Presentation #2 Personality and Living Space

Take a picture of–or copy down–the directions on page 291.

Whether you create a bedroom (using Lego?), bring in a picture of your own room, or from a magazine/internet, make sure you have it with you on the day you present. You can use the document camera or send the picture to my spanish-ace email a few days before. (I’ll put that email on the board).

You need to be able to talk about the room itself, what’s in it, how it looks, what’s on the walls, the color of things, etc.

Talk about the personality of the person who’s room it is. What do you think about that person? Why?

Hand in, before you begin, a CLEAN COPY of what you’re going to say. Minimum, 10 sentences.

Follow the directions and tips for presenting on page 291.

The BIG, FINAL Project