Projects and Assessments

Projects and Assessments

There are currently 4 main projects and assessments to be completed, each with its own due date.

The Self-Playing Vocal Recording

Due Thursday May 16th

It is suggested that you try emailing it before the due date so that if you have any problems you have time to resolve your problems.

On May 10th, all classes report to the Library to do audio/power point recordings. Instructions are below. Any student absent on May 10th will have to finish the project on his/her own time.

  • Spanish 9, download from here
  • Spanish Intro 11, download from here
  • Spanish 11/12, download from here

Let’s talk picture size…

Click here for Vocal Recording INSTRUCTIONS.

The Presentation or Video Project

Videos Due: Monday, June 10th (including poetry videos)

Poetry Presentations made in class during the week of June 10th as well

Some restrictions apply. In all cases of video production the videos you make must be uploaded to a YouTube account (made public, so we can watch them) and the sharing link emailed to EMAIL

Click here for Video Project INSTRUCTIONS.

The Quiz of Life

QOL testing ends on Friday, June 14th

Everyone must do this. Spanish 11/12 students may additionally be required to complete the Quiz of Death.

All students must complete the Practice Packet of the Quiz of Life, plus all the testing pages that Señor decides to cover before the due date.

The Basic Conversation

Spanish 11/12: Monday, June 17th

Spanish 9 and Intro 11: Tuesday, June 18th

Everyone must do this. Spanish 11/12 students may have a variation to this assessment.

Students are required to have a student-led conversation with Señor. This means that each student will initiate and maintain the flow of the conversation. It is advisable to memorize all the questions and answers provided in the Basic Conversation packet.