Pirates of the Caribbean Story

The girl sings a song about pirates.

La chica (cantar) _______________ una canción de piratas.

Mr. Gibbs gives her advice not to sing about about pirates.

El Sr. Gibbs le (dar) _______________ consejos de no cantar de piratas.

Mr. Gibbs drinks a little rum, or takes a drink.

El Sr. Gibbs (beber) _______________ un poco de ron, o (tomar) _______________ un trago.

Elizabeth thinks/believes that pirates are fascinating.

Elizabeth (creer) _______________ que los piratas (ser) _______________ fascinantes.

Elizabeth sees a boy in the water. The boy calls himself Will.

Elizabeth (ver) _______________ a un muchacho en el agua. El muchacho (llamarse) _______________ Will.

Elizabeth takes the medallion of Will.

Elizabeth (tomar) _______________ el medallón de Will.

Will is (a) blacksmith. Elizabeth is daughter of the governor.

Will (ser) _______________ armero. Elizabeth (ser) _______________ hija del gobernador.

Captain Jack Sparrow is (a) pirate, but he doesn’t have a ship.

El Capitán Jack Sparrow (ser) _______________ pirata, pero no (tener) _______________ un barco.

It’s hot and Elizabeth does not breathe well in the dress.

(Hacer) _______________ calor, y Elizabeth no (respirar) _______________ bien en el vestido.

Jack says the Black Pearl is the fastest ship. The soldier says the ship doesn’t exist.

Jack (decir) _______________ que la Perla Negra es el barco más rápido. El soldado (decir) _______________ que el barco no (existir) _______________.

Elizabeth falls in the water with the medallion.

Elizabeth (caerse) _______________ en el agua con el medallón.

The first 15 minutes of this movie have used foreshadowing through objects and names to hint for us what’s going to happen.

  • Elizabeth rescues Will Turner from the water, along with the pirate medallion. The ship Will was on sank.
  • Will Turner (think of that name literally, to turn somebody’s will, change their mind) is a blacksmith who makes swords. How many people will he come into conflict with and end up changing their minds?
  • Jack Sparrow is a pirate, whose boat sank, and accepts the name Mr. Smith at the port.
  • Elizabeth Swan (think of the bird that floats on the water like a boat), did not do a swan dive, but did fall into the water (or sink) while wearing the same pirate medallion that Will was wearing.

So what? Well, good movies use foreshadowing. Bad ones don’t, and that’s why we don’t like them. These hints are at least telling us that these three characters will somehow interact with each other. Watch for more foreshadowing as we go…


Jack knows (how) to swim. Jack saves Elizabeth and sees the medallion.

Jack (saber) _______________ nadar. Jack (salvar) _______________ a Elizabeth y (ver) _______________ el medallón.

The soldiers capture Jack, but Jack escapes.

Los saldados (capturar) _______________ a Jack, pero Jack (escaparse) _______________.

Jack enters the shop of a blacksmith and yells at the blacksmith.

Jack (entrar) _______________ el taller de un armero y (gritar) _______________ al armero.

Jack breaks the chains and then Will enters the shop. They fight with swords.

Jack (romper) _______________ las cadenas, y entonces Will (entrar) _______________ el taller. Ellos (lucharse) _______________ con espadas.

Will practices with swords every day.

Will (practicar) _______________ con espadas todos los días.

Jack has a pistol, but he doesn’t want to kill Will.

Jack (tener) _______________ una pistola, pero él no (querer) _______________ matar a Will.

Jack goes to jail. Elizabeth goes to bed, but still wears the necklace. And Will goes back to work.

Jack (ir) _______________ a la cárcel. Elizabeth (ir) _______________ a la cama, pero todavía (llevar) _______________ el collar. Y Will (regresar) _______________ al trabajo.

The ship called the Black Pearl attacks and Jack talks about survivors.

El barco llamado El Perla Negra (atacar) _______________, y Jack (hablar) _______________ de sobrevivientes.

30 minutes in, we see the three characters have interacted with each other. But now they are separated again. The medallion is the one thing they have all touched. Elizabeth tried to save Jack from the gallows. Jack spared Will’s life when he didn’t shoot him. Will’s turn is next…


The pirates attack Port Royal and Will attacks the pirates.

Los piratas (atacar) _______________ Port Royal, y Will (atacar) _______________ a los piratas.

Elizabeth runs and closes the door. Two pirates trap her.

Elizabeth (correr) _______________ y (cerrar) _______________ la puerta. Dos piratas la (atrapar) _______________.

Elizabeth sees Will, and Will sees Elizabeth, and Jack doesn’t have any luck.

Elizabeth (ver) _______________ a Will, y Will (ver) _______________ a Elizabeth, y Jack no (tener) _______________ suerte.

A pirate tells Jack, “You know nothing of hell.”

Un pirata le (decir) _______________ a Jack, –Tú no (conocer) _______________ el infierno.

The pirates board their ship and Elizabeth gives them the medallion they look for.

Los piratas (abordar) _______________ su barco y Elizabeth les (dar) _______________ el medallón que ellos (buscar) _______________.

Will is angry and goes to see Jack.

Will (estar) _______________ enojado y (ir) _______________ a ver Jack.

Jack asks, “How do you call yourself?” And then Jack changes his mind and offers to help.

Jack le pregunta, –¿Cómo (llamarse) _______________?– Y entonces Jack (cambiar) _______________ su mente y (ofrecer) _______________ su ayuda.

44 minutes in, and now Will takes his turn. Will saves Jack so that together they can go save Elizabeth. Elizabeth has been pulled onto a ship with the medallion, just like Will was at the beginning. And Will Turner has changed someone’s mind.

What is the new element added in for foreshadowing? Skeletal pirates who don’t die. And what do they say to Jack? Jack knows nothing about it. Will he?


Jack and Will do not swim, but they board the boat anyway.

Jack y Will no (nadar) _______________, pero ellos (abordar) _______________ el nave de todos modos.

Captain Norrington watches them with the telescope.

El capitán Norrington los (mirar) _______________ con el telescopio.

Jack tells Will that his father was a pirate and a good man.

Jack le (decir) _______________ a Will que su padre era un pirata y un buen hombre.

They go to the island Tortuga and find Mr. Gibbs.

Ellos (ir) _______________ a la isla Tortuga y (encontrar) _______________ al Señor Gibbs.

Jack and Mr. Gibbs know that Will is the son of Bootstrap Bill Turner.

Jack y Sr. Gibbs (saber) _______________ que Will (ser) _______________ el hijo de Bootstrap Bill Turner.

Elizabeth has a lot of hunger.

Elizabeth (tener) _______________ mucha hambre.

Captain Barbosa says that there is a curse on the medallion, but Elizabeth doesn’t believe him.

El capitán Barbosa (decir) _______________ que hay una maldición en el medallón, pero Elizabeth no (creerlo) _______________.

Elizabeth attacks the captain, but he doesn’t die.

Elizabeth (atacarle) _______________ al capitán, pero él no (morirse) _______________. 

Captain Barbosa drinks wine and then laughs.

El capitán Barbosa (beber) _______________ el vino y entonces (reírse) _______________.

Did you see anything that might be foreshadowing? Any hints of what will happen?


Mr. Cotton doesn’t talk, but his parrot talks.

El Sr. Cotton no (hablar) _______________, pero su loro sí (hablar) _______________.

It’s bad luck to bring a woman on board the ship, says Mr. Gibbs.

–(Ser) _______________ mala fortuna traer una mujer aborda,– (decir) _______________ el Sr. Gibbs.

The compass of Jack doesn’t work normally.

La brújula de Jack no (funcionar) _______________ normalmente.

Jack has a pistol with just one shot that he wants to use on Captain Barbosa.

Jack (tener) _______________ una pistola con un sólo tiro que (querer) _______________ usar en el capitán Barbosa.

The pirates put treasure near the treasure chest.

Los piratas (poner) _______________ tesoro cerca del cofre.

Not all (treasures) are of silver and gold, mate, says Jack to Will.

–No todos (ser) _______________ de plata y oro, muchacho — (decirle) _______________ Jack a Will.

Will hits Jack in the head. Barbosa cuts Elizabeth on the hand.

Will (pegarle) _______________ a Jack en la cabeza. Barbosa (cortarle) _______________ a Elizabeth en la mano.

Elizabeth takes the medallion again and escapes. The pirates look for her and find Jack.

Elizabeth (tomar) _______________ el medallón otra vez y (escapar)_______________. Los piratas (buscarla) _______________ y (encontrarlo) _______________ a Jack.

What did you see? What was the test to see if the curse had been lifted?


Captain Barbosa wants to know how Jack escaped from the island.

El capitán Barbosa (querer) _______________ saber cómo Jack se escapó de la isla.

The pirates don’t kill Jack because Jack knows the person whose blood they need.

Los piratas no (matar) _______________ a Jack porque Jack (conocer) _______________ a la persona que tiene la sangre correcta.

Will touches Elizabeth’s hand. He wants to kiss her.

Will (tocar) _______________ la mano de Elizabeth. Él (querer) _______________ besarla.

Jack eats an apple. Captain Barbosa uses a telescope and throws the apple.

Jack (comer) _______________ una manzana. El Capitán Barbosa (usar) _______________ un telescopio y (tirar) _______________ la manzana.

Elizabeth gives the medallion to Will. Will is not happy.

Elizabeth (dar) _______________ el medallón a Will. Will no (estar) _______________ contento.

Elizabeth knows how to navigate the ship. The pirates attack anyway.

Elizabeth (saber) _______________ navegar el barco. Los piratas (atacar) _______________ de todos modos.

Will says, We should fight. We have to fight.

Will (decir) _______________, –Nosotros (deber) _______________ luchar. (Tener) _______________ que luchar.

Jack asks Elizabeth, Where is the medallion? Where is William?

Jack (preguntarle) _______________ a Elizabeth, –¿Dónde (estar) _______________ el medallón? ¿Dónde (estar) _______________ William?


Will is trapped when the boat explodes.

Will (estar) _______________ atrapado cuando el barco (explotar) _______________.

Will has a pistol. Jack says, Don’t do anything stupid.

Will (tener) _______________ una pistola. Jack (decir) _______________, –¡No hagas nada estúpido!–

Captain Barbosa abandons Jack on the same island as before.

El Capitán Barbosa (abandonar) _______________ a Jack en la misma isla que antes.

Elizabeth and Jack are trapped on the island and Elizabeth wants to rescue Will.

Elizabeth y Jack (estar) _______________ atrapados en la isla y Elizabeth (querer) _______________ rescatar a Will.

Elizabeth and Jack sing and dance and drink a lot of rum. 

Elizabeth y Jack (cantar) _______________ y (bailar) _______________ y (beber) _______________ mucho ron.

Jack is angry with Elizabeth and Elizabeth is angry with her father.

Jack (estar) _______________ enojado con Elizabeth y Elizabeth (estar) _______________ _______________ con su padre.

The pirates tell the story of the father of Will.

Los piratas (contar) _______________ la historia del padre de Will.

The pirates are going to kill Will, but Jack enters and they are surprised.

Los piratas (ir)  _______________ a matar a Will, pero Jack (entrar) _______________ y ellos (estar) _______________ sorprendidos.

Remember when Will got Jack out of prison to save Elizabeth? Now Elizabeth gets Jack rescued from being marooned on an island (kind of like a prison). And what does Elizabeth want to do? Save Will. And now we’re back to Jack sparing/saving Will’s life.

Out of the things you see next, what do you recognize as having happened before in a similar way?