Over the Hedge Story

RJ is a raccoon that lives alone. He doesn’t have family.
RJ ______ un mapache que ________ solo. No _________  __________.

RJ tries to get (take out) the food from the vending machine because he has hunger.
RJ (tratar) ___________ de ___________  _____________ de la máquina vendedora porque él ________________________.

RJ tries to steal the food from Vincent, the bear.
RJ (intentar) ___________ robar __________ de Vincent, el _________.

Vincent gives him (RJ) a week in order to make a new collection of food.
Vincent (darle) ___________ una semana _______  _________ una nueva colección de _________.

Verne the turtle lives in the forest with his family of animals.
Vern __________  __________  en el bosque con ______  __________ de animales.

The porcupines have three children.
Los puercos espines ____________ tres _____________.

Stella the skunk doesn’t have a fella, and doesn’t want a fella.
Stella el zorrillo ________________ un buen galán y _____________ un buen galán.

All the animals have to look for food.
Todos los animales _____________________________________.

Hammy the squirrel finds a weird thing, a hedge.
Hammy la ardilla (encontrar-ue) ________________ una cosa rara, un arbusto.

Verne the turtle goes to investigate.
Vern __________   ________  a investigar.

The woman in the suit black is talking on the phone while she is driving her enormous car.
La __________  en ____________  __________ está ____________ por teléfono mientras ella __________ manejando _____ carro ____________.

RJ meets the family of animals and offers to them to be their guide.
RJ (conocer) _____________ a la ____________ de animales y (ofrecerles) ___________________ ser _____ guía.

RJ promises them a mountain of food, enough to feed a bear.
RJ (hacerles) ______________ promesas de un montón de ____________, bastante para ____________________ a un oso.

Verne says, “We’re not interested.”
Vern dice, -No _____  ___________________.

RJ opens a bag of nacho chips.
RJ (abrir) _______________ una bolsa de papas sabor de nacho y _____________.




RJ and the animals went to explore the neighborhood new.
RJ y los animales (ir) _______________ a explorar el vencindario ____________.

They saw (to) lots of people and they saw lots of food.
Ellos (ver) _______________ a muchas personas y _______________ mucha comida.

They looked for food and found it in cans of garbage.
Ellos (buscar) ________________ comida y la encontraron en ____________ de basura.

Gladys saw the animals and attacked them.
Gladys ___________ los animales y (atacarlos) ________________.

RJ saw some girls with cookies. RJ and Hammy went to steal cookies.
RJ ___________  _____  unas niñas con _____________. RJ y Hammy ______________  a robar _____________.

The girls saw Hammy and they attacked him.
Las niñas _______________  ____ Hammy y (atacarlo) _________________.

The animals ate the cookies and drank the soda.
_____________   ______________  ______________ y ________________ los refrescos.

Then they stole more food.
Entonces _______________ __________  ________________.

They celebrated and RJ took pictures as part of their family.
Ellos ________________ y RJ _____________  _______________ como parte de _____  ______________.

Gladys called an exterminator to kill the animals.
Gladys ______________ ____ un exterminador _________ matar a los animales.

He arrived in a truck with a hammer.
Él (llegar) _____________ en un camión _______ _____ martillo.

The animals escaped.
Los animales (escaparse) _________________.