Napoleon Dynamite Story

Present Tense or Preterite Tense

Napoleon gets/got on the bus and does/did what he felt like.

Napoleón (subir) ______________ al autobús y (hacer) ______________ lo que tenía ganas de hacer.

Napoleon makes/made a drawing of a unicorn of and gives/gave a speech about the Loch Ness monster.

Napoleón (hacer) ______________ un dibujo de un unicornio y (dar) ______________ un discurso que se trató del monstruo de Loch Ness.

Napoleon plays/played tetherball alone.

Napoleón (jugar) ______________ al tetherball solo.

Near the lockers, the school bully hits/hit Napoleon again and again.

Cerca de los armarios, el matón de la escuela (golpearlo) ______________ a Napoleon una y otra vez.

Napoleon calls/called his brother, Kip, and then meets/met the new kid, Pedro.

Napoleón (llamar) ______________ a su hermano, Kip, y entonces (conocer) ______________ al chico nuevo, Pedro.

Kip is/was online all day. He is/was talking to girls.

Kip (estar) ______________ en línea todo el día. Él _________ hablando con chicas.

Deb arrives/arrived at Napoleon’s house, hears/heard a comment, feels/felt bad, and leaves/left.

Deb (llegar) ______________ a la casa de Napoleón, (oír) ______________ un comentario, (sentirse) ______________ mal, y (salir) ______________.

Rex talks about three things. What are they?

  1. The buddy system. No flying solo.
  2. Your image. Being comfortable with how others see you.
  3. Self-respect. Knowing who you are and what you like.

In the first 15 minutes, this film both shows and tells what it’s going to be about. There is a ton of foreshadowing, hints as to what’s going to happen. Watch to see how each character needs a buddy, to get comfortable with who they are, and self-respect.

Napoleon greets/greeted Kyle and then Kyle kills/killed the cow.

Napoleón (saludarle) ______________ a Kyle, y entonces Kyle (matar) ______________ la vaca.

Napoleon and the Happy Hands Club do/did a presentation to music.

Napoleón y el club de manos felices (hacer) ______________ una presentación con música.

Napoleon and Pedro talk/talked about inviting girls to the dance.

Napoleón y Pedro (hablar) ______________ de invitarles a unas chicas al baile.

Pedro gives/gave tater tots to Napoleon. Napoleon puts/put them in his pocket to eat later.

Pedro (darle) ______________ papas a Napoleón. Napoleón (ponerlas) ______________ en su bolsillo para comer más tarde.

Deb gives/gave a key chain to Napoleon.

Deb (darle) ______________ un llavero a Napoleón.

The grandma of Napoleon falls/fell and hurts/hurt herself.

La abuela de Napoleón (caerse) ______________ y (lastimarse)______________.

Uncle Rico dumps/dumped his girlfriend, Tammy.

Tío Rico (abandonarla) ______________ a su novia, Tammy.

Pedro makes/made a cake for Summer. Uncle Rico throws/threw a steak at Napoleon.

Pedro (hacer) ______________ un pastel para Summer. Tío Rico (tirar) ______________ un bistec a la cabeza de Napoleón.

Uncle Rico doesn’t win/didn’t win the football game. He loses/lost his self esteem. He doesn’t find/didn’t find his soulmate.

Tío Rico no (ganar) ______________ el partido de fútbol americano. Él (perder) ______________ su propio estima. Él no (encontrar) ______________ su alma gemela.

Napoleon plays/played tetherball by himself again. He asks/asked Summer, and she says/said no.

Napoleón (jugar) ______________ al tetherball solo otra vez. Él (pedirle) ______________ a Summer, y ella (decirle) ______________ que no.

Deb finds/found Napoleon while he is drawing/was drawing his favorite animal. They talk/talked about Pedro.

Deb (encontrarle) ______________ a Napoleón mientras él (dibujar) ______________ su animal favorito. Ellos (hablar) ______________ de Pedro.

Which characters need…

  • a buddy?
  • being comfortable with how people see them?
  • a sense of self-respect, of being comfortable with who they are?

What did you see that might have been foreshadowing?

While Uncle Rico and Kip are making/were making plans to earn money, Napoleon calls/called Pedro.

Mientras Tío Rico y Kip (hacer) ______________ planes para ganar dinero, Napoleón (llamar) ______________ a Pedro.

While they are/were bowling, Uncle Rico and Kip discuss/discussed ways to look legitimate.

Mientras (jugar) ______________ a los bolos, Tío Rico y Kip (discutir) ______________ maneras de aparecer legítimos.

Pedro isn’t/wasn’t in school because he was sick.

Pedro no (estar) ______________ en escuela porque (estar) ______________ enfermo.

Pedro asks/asked Deb to the dance and Deb tells/told him yes.

Pedro (invitarle) ______________ a Deb al baile, y Deb (decirle) ______________ que sí.

Napoleon is thinking/was thinking/thought that he didn’t have any skills, but Pedro knows/knew that Napoleon drew.

Napoleón (pensar) ______________ que no (tener) ______________ ningunas habilidades, pero Pedro (saber) ______________ que Napoleón tenía la habilidad de dibujar.

The wife wants/wanted the boat, and Uncle Rico humiliates/humiliated the husband.

La esposa (querer) ______________ el barco, y Tío Rico (humillarlo) ______________ al esposo.

Napoleon works/worked on the farm, drinks/drank orange juice with raw egg, and gets/got paid in change.

Napoleón (trabajar) ______________ en la granja, (beber) ______________ jugo de naranja con huevo crudo, y  (recibir) ______________ su pago en efectivo.

Napoleon walks down the street in a suit.

  • Is this his new style?
  • Is he comfortable with himself yet?
  • Does he have a buddy, or is he flying solo?
  • What about Kip? Is dressing up like a vender his style?
  • What about Rico? Does he have a buddy?

Uncle Rico does not help/did not help Napoleon, but the cousins of Pedro help/helped him.

Tío Rico no (ayudarlo) ______________ a Napoleón, pero los primos de Pedro (ayudarlo) ______________.

Trisha abandons/abandoned Napoleon. Pedro lets/let him dance with Deb.

Trisha (abandonarlo) ______________ a Napoleón. Pedro (dejarlo) ______________ bailar con Deb.

While they are dancing/were dancing, Napoleon comments/commented on the style of Deb’s dress and her relationship with Pedro.

Mientras (bailar) ______________, Napoleón (hacer) ______________ comentario en el estilo del vestido de Deb y su relación con Pedro.

Deb offers/offered Napoleon a photograph session, and Napoleon offers/offered Pedro his abilities to help Pedro run for president.

Deb (ofrecerle) ______________ a Napoleón una sesión de fotografía, y Napoleón (ofrecerle) ______________ a Pedro sus destrezas para ayudarlo llegar a ser presidente.

Kip knows/knew that the time machine doesn’t work/didn’t work, but he plugs/plugged it in anyway.

Kip (saber) ______________ que la máquina de tiempo no (funcionar) ______________, pero (enchufarla) ______________ de todos modos.

Uncle Rico doesn’t buy/didn’t buy the markers for Napoleon.

Tío Rico (comprarle) no ______________ los marcadores para Napoleón.

Napoleon and Pedro win/won the cow competition.

Napoleón y Pedro (ganar) ______________ la competencia de vacas.

Uncle Rico makes/made a comment about Kip’s girlfriend, and Kip defends/defended her.

Tío Rico (hacer) ______________ un comentario de la novia de Kip, y Kip (defenderla) ______________.

Uncle Rico is not getting the message of the movie.

The first song (Some Say Love) is about people saying different things about what love is and is not.

The next song asks a question. “Do you really want to be forever young?”

This is sung when Napoleon gets dumped.

The next song, sung when Napoleon dances with Deb sings, “If you’re lost, you can look and you will find me… If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting…”

Notice what people are wearing: Napoleon, Rico, Kip

  • When Napoleon finds his style, what does it look like?
  • When Kip gets together with his girlfriend, does he change?
  • Do the clothes Tio Rico wears ever match anyone else? When?
  • What’s significant about the ending scene and the song?
  • Rico is working against everyone’s self-esteem by the end, so Rex comes to beat the message of the movie into him.