Kung Fu Panda Story

In his dream, Po was a legendary warrior, whose Kung Fu technique was the stuff of legend.

En su sueño, Po (ser) ______________ un legendario guerrero, cuya técnica de Kung Fu (ser) ______________ material de leyenda.

Po woke up, got up, and fell down the stairs.

Po (despertarse) ______________ , (levantarse) ______________, y (caerse) ______________ por las escaleras.

His dad asked him about his dream, and Po told him a lie about noodles.

Su papá (preguntarle) ______________ de su sueño, y Po (decirle) ______________ una mentira de fideos.

His dad told him, –We all have our role/place in the world.–

Su papá (decirle) ______________ , –Todos tenemos nuestro papel en el mundo.–

Master Oogway had (got/received) a vision. Master Shifu sent a messenger to the prison.

El maestro Oogway (tener) ______________ una visión. El maestro Shifu (enviar) ______________ un mensajero al prisión.

Master Oogway touched the water and mentioned the Dragon Warrior, but he didn’t know who was worthy.

El maestro Oogway (tocar) ______________ el agua y (mencionar) ______________ el Guerrero Dragón, pero no (saber) ______________ quien fuera digno.

Po could not (failed to) climb the stairs with the noodle cart. He abandoned it with the clothes for selling noodles.

Po no (poder) ______________ subir las escaleras con su carro de fideos. Él (abandonarlo) ______________ con su ropa para vender fideos.

Po wanted/was wanting and tried/was trying (over and over) to enter to see the Furious Five.

Po (querer) ______________ y (tratar) ______________ de entrar para ver a los Cinco Furiosos.

Po flew up into the air on a chair of fireworks, and fell down into the center of the stadium.

Po (volar) ______________ en el aire en un asiento de cohetes, y (caerse) ______________ en el centro del estadio.

At 15 minutes in, we can see that Oogway is about to indicate that Po is the Dragon Warrior. Was this foreshadowed in any way?


Po said, –I only wanted/was wanting to see who was (description) the Dragon Warrior.–

Po (decir) ______________, –Sólo (querer) ______________ ver quién (ser) ______________ el Guerrero Dragón.

Shifu said, –It was an accident.–

Shifu (decir) ______________, –(ser) ______________ un accidente.–

The bird arrived and the captain of the guard showed him the prisoner.

El pájaro (llegar) ______________ y el capitán de la guardia (mostrarle) ______________ al prisionero.

Po was excited to be in the sacred room of the warriors, but Shifu didn’t believe that Po was the Dragon Warrior.

Po (estar) ______________ emocionado de estar en el Salón Sagrado de los Guerreros, pero Shifu no (creer) ______________ que Po fuera el Guerrero Dragón.

Shifu didn’t teach Po the secret finger hold.

Shifu no (enseñarle) ______________ a Po la Llave Wuxi.

The Furious Five were practicing when Po and Shifu entered the room.

Los Cinco Furiosos (practicar) ______________ cuando Po y Shifu (entrar) ______________ el cuarto.

Po didn’t make friends with the Furious Five. They didn’t respect him.

Po no (hacer) ______________ amigos con los Cinco Furiosos. A él ellos no (mostrarle) ______________ respeto.

Just under 30 minutes in, and we see the opposite of Po’s dream.

  • Po is not respected by the Furious Five.
  • Po is not a master. Even though he’s been told he’s the Dragon Warrior, he’s also been told that he’s not.
  • Unlike the restaurant scene in his dream, Po has not fought any enemies at all. In fact, the only thing he punched defeated him.

How can Po become the Dragon Warrior?

Let’s look at what we know:

  • In his dream, Po starts fighting in a restaurant.
  • In real life, Po works in a restaurant serving noodles.
  • Po’s name can also be spelled “Pho” — which is actually a “soup noodle” dish.
  • Po’s dad says there’s a secret ingredient to his soup, but even though Po is his son, he hasn’t yet given the secret to Po.
  • Master Shifu says the Dragon Scroll contains the secret to unlimited power. Even though Po has been deemed the Dragon Warrior, nobody has given the secret to Po.

Master Oogway found Po while Po was eating from the sacred peach tree.

El maestro Oogway (encontralo) ______________ a Po mientras Po (comer) ______________ duraznos sagrados.

Tai Lung freed himself, fought the guards, climbed super high, and escaped.

Tai Lung (liberarse) ______________, (combatir) ______________ a los guardias, (subir) ______________ muy alto, y (escaparse) ______________.

In the morning, Po stretched and fought the Furious Five.

En la mañana, Po (estirarse) ______________ y (combatir) ______________ contra los Cinco Furiosos.

Shifu found Tai Lung when Tai Lung was a baby.

Shifu (encontrarlo) ______________ a Tai Lung cuando Tai Lunga (ser) ______________ un bebé.

Shifu was saying –Inner peace– when the duck arrived with bad news.

Shifu (decir) ______________  –Paz interior– cuando el pato (llegar) ______________ con malas noticias.

Master Oogway told Shifu that he had to believe in Po and then he disappeared.

El maestro Oogway (decirle) ______________ a Shifu que tuviera que creer en Po, y entonces (desaparecerse) ______________.

Oogway could have disappeared from anywhere. Why did the movie makers bring the audience back here? What are all the things that happened the first time Oogway was here? And the second time?

Po made the secret ingredient soup for the Furious Five and they enjoyed it.

Po (hacer) ______________ la sopa de fideos de ingrediente secreto para los Cinco Furiosos, y (disfrutarla) ______________.

Po stayed because if anyone could make him the Dragon Warrior it was Shifu.

Po (quedarse) ______________ porque si alguien podría hacerlo el Guerrero Dragón, fuera Shifu.

Shifu didn’t know how he was going to train Po.

Shifu no (saber) ______________ la manera en que (ir) ______________ a entrenarle a Po.

The Furious Five left to fight Tai Lung.

Los Cinco Furiosos (salir) ______________ para combatir a Tai Lung.

Po ate Monkey’s cookies.

Po (comer) ______________ las galletas de Mono.

Master Shifu could/managed to train Po so well because Po had hunger.

El master Shifu (poder) ______________ entrenarle a Po tan bien porque Po (tener) ______________ hambre.

Po had a secret. By the end of his training, he wasn’t hungry anymore.

Po (tener) ______________ un secreto. Al fin de su entrenamiento, no más (tener) ______________ hambre.

The rest of the movie plays out as foreshadowed.

  • Since Po is the Dragon Warrior, the Furious Five are going to lose their fight against Tai Lung.
  • Po, now as the Dragon Warrior, will get the Dragon Scroll. It will have a secret.
  • Po will also get the secret to his dad’s secret-ingredient soup.
  • Several things that we’ve seen before will return in the fight scene at the end.

Because of the things that were foreshadowed, the story feels complete.

How many things can you look back and see?