If You Miss Class

Three Main Things To Do


Stay up to date on the Vocabulary Lists and your vocab/grammar sentence writing so that you’re ready for the scheduled quiz because you’ll take it when you come back.

  1. Visit the vocabulary page,
  2. listen to the videos,
  3. download the PPTs,
  4. practice,
  5. write the list, etc.

Use the Printable Vocab List and be sure to use the vocabulary links that go with your class.


Go to conjuguemos.com. If you need help with logging in or how to use the site, watch the instructional videos

  1. Log in.
  2. Are there any Activities? Do them.
  3. Check the Assignments menu. Do all the Assignments you find.
  4. Check the Quizzes menu. Do all the Quizzes you find.

Projects and Passports

  1. Work on the passport due for your class.
  2. Work on the project due for your class.