Hunger Games Story

Cesar Flickerman, the interviewer, interviewed Seneca Crane.
Cesar Flickerman, ______________, (entrevistarle) ____________ a Seneca Crane.

Prim woke up from a nightmare and said to Katniss, “It was me.”
Prim (despertarse) ___________________ de una pesadilla y (decirle) __________ a Katniss, -¡___________!

Prim asked that Katniss sing to her a song. Katniss sang to her.
Prim (pedirle) _________ a Katniss que le cantara ___________. Katniss __________.

Katniss left town, entered the woods, took out her bow and arrows, and began to hunt.
Katniss  ___________ del pueblo, _________ el bosque, ___________ su arco y flechas, y __________ a cazar.

Katniss and Gale were friends. Gale had a plan to flee and to live in the woods. Katniss rejected the idea.
Katniss y Gale ______ amigos. Gale __________ un plan de _______________ y ____________ en el bosque. Katniss (rechazar) __________ la idea.

The woman gave Katniss the Mockingjay pin for free. Katniss gave the pin to Prim with the promise that it would protect her, like a lucky charm.
La mujer (darle) ___________ a Katniss la prenda de Sensajo gratis. Katniss ___________ a Prim la prenda con la ____________ que le protegería, como algo de buena suerte.

Prim was afraid of the needle, of the blood.
Prim ___________ miedo del agujero, de la sangre.

Effie said to everyone, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”
Effie ___________ a todos, -¡Que la suerte siempre esté de su lado!

When Effie read Prim’s name, Katniss offered herself as a volunteer.
Cuando Effie _____________ el nombre de Prim, Katniss (ofrecerse) _____________ como voluntaria.

The people didn’t applaud. They kissed their hands as a salute.
La _________no ____________. Ellos (besarse) ______________ la mano como saludo.

While Katniss and Peeta were shaking hands, she remembered the day with the bread.
Mientras Katniss y Peeta (saludarse) ______________, ella (recordarse) ____________ el día con el pan.

While she was crying, Prim gave to Katniss the pin.
Mientras _______________, Prim ________________ a Katniss la prenda.

Katniss made Prim the promise that she would win.
Katniss (hacerle) _______________ a Prim la promesa que ganara.

Gale came to tell Katniss that she could do it. She was going to win.
Gale ________________ a decirle a Katniss que podría hacerlo.  Ella _______________ a ganar.

While Effie was talking, Peeta almost cried.
Mientras Effie __________________, Peeta casi _____________.

Effie was not talking when they boarded the train.
Effie __________ ___________ ellos (abordar) ____________ el tren.




Katniss didn’t want to talk to Peeta. Peeta wanted to talk to Haymitch, their mentor/trainer, but Haymitch was drunk.

Katniss ______________ hablar con Peeta. Peeta ___________ hablar con Haymitch, _______________, pero Haymitch _______________ borracho.

Katniss watched the tv program alone.
Katniss ____________   _______________  __________.

The next day, while they were eating, Katniss attacked the table with a knife. 
El próximo día, mientras ______________, Katniss ____________ la mesa con un ____________.

Haymitch recommended that Katniss keep the knife because Peeta knew what to do to make the public like him.
Haymitch (recomendarle) ______________ a Katniss que guardara ______________ porque Peeta _____________ lo que hacer para hacer que _____________ le agradara.

Cina wanted to help Katniss. Cina had a plan. Katniss had hope.
Cina __________  ____________ a Katniss.  Cina _____________ un plan. Katniss __________ la esperanza.

Katniss didn’t want to burn herself. Peeta wanted to show the audience that he and Katniss were a team.
Katniss ___________  ____________.  Peeta ____________ mostrarles a _______________ que él y Katniss __________  ____________.

Peeta and Katniss lived together and trained together.
Peeta y Katniss _____________ juntos y _______________ juntos.

Peeta told Katniss he didn’t have a chance of winning, and then said, “I’m not hungry anymore.”
Peeta le _________ a Katniss que ______________ oportunidad de ganar, y entonces _________,  -Ya __________________________.

While they were training, Rue began to follow Katniss.
Mientras ______________, Rue _____________ a seguir a Katniss.

Katniss shot an arrow at an apple and Seneca Crane.
Katniss (lanzar) ____________ una flecha a ________________ y a Seneca Crane.

All Katniss’ mentors celebrated when she received a high mark, but Peeta didn’t celebrate.
Todos los ________________ de Katniss ____________ cuando ella ______________ una puntuación alta, pero Peeta _________________.

They toasted her as the girl on fire.
Ellos le (brindar) ________________ como la chica en llamas.




President Snow advised Seneca Crane, “Contain it.” (the flame of hope)
El presdiente Snow (aconsejarle) _______________ a Seneca Crane, -(contenerla) _____________.

Before the interview, Cina advised Katniss, “Just be yourself.”
Antes de __________________, Cina _____________ a Katniss, -Sólo sé ____________.

During the interview, Katniss was nervous. At the beginning, she didn’t hear when Cesar spoke to her.
Durante la entrevista, Katniss ________________ nerviosa. Al principio, ella no __________ cuando Cesar ______________.

Katniss turned around in order to show to the audience the flames on her dress.
Katniss (darse vueltas) _________________ para mostrarles ______________ las llamas en su vestido.

Katniss repeated her promise that she would try to win for Prim.
Katniss (repetir) ______________ su _____________ que intentaría _____________ por Prim.

Peeta revealed that the special girl in his life was Katniss.
Peeta (revelar) _____________ que la chica especial en su vida ___________ Katniss.

Katniss attacked Peeta and said they weren’t lovers.
Katniss _____________ a Peeta y ___________ que no _____________ amantes.

Haymitch shouted to her, “It’s television! Do you get it (did you hear)?”
Haymitch ______________, -¡Es televisión! ¿____________?

Very late at night, Katniss and Peeta could not sleep.
Muy tarde por la noche, Katniss y Peeta ______________________.




Before she entered the arena, Haymitch said to Katniss that he had confidence in her. She could do it.
Antes de que ella ___________________, Haymitch le dijo a Katniss que ______________ confianza en ella. Ella podría hacerlo.

Cina, secretly, gave her the Mockingjay pin in secret.
Cina, en secreto, ____________ a ella la prenda del sensajo.

Peeta ran. Many people died. Katniss took a bag and climbed a tree.
Peeta ___________. Muchas personas ____________. Katniss ___________ una mochila y subió a un árbol.

Katniss was sleeping when the fire began.
Katniss ________________ cuando ______________  ________________.

Katniss didn’t understand why Peeta was with her enemies.
Katniss ________________ porque Peeta ____________ con sus enemigos.

Rue helped Katniss to escape. Peeta shouted at her, “What are you doing?”
Rue (ayudarle) __________________ a Katniss a _______________. Peeta (gritarle) ________________, – ¿_____________________?

In her mind, her dad died and the house exploded. Then she yelled at her mom.
En su mente, su papá ______________ y ______________________. Entonces ______________ a su mamá.