Get Your “A” : In the Classroom

Get Your “A” : In the Classroom

  • Write down most stuff. This requires you to always have pen and paper. The more consistent, the faster the results.
  • Get organized. Bring to class one folder, one binder and one notebook. Spanish only. Don’t mix subjects.
  • On your face, look like you care. Every day remind yourself that you “get” this stuff. It doesn’t threaten you. You feel sympathy for your fellow students that “don’t get it,” but you’d rather help them than drop yourself down so that you can feel bad together. So you do care. You care enough to help.
  • Don’t share homework answers. Always do the homework. Always bring the homework. Never share the answers. Shared homework answers diminish your integrity, which puts into question your character, which puts doubt on all your past work.
  • Consistently turn stuff in on time. Not early. No one wants it early. Everything on time. Not just the big assignments. Small ones, too. On time.
  • Never ask for extra credit. Never. The work your teacher has given you is enough to earn your A. Do that work, and do it well.
  • Be polite. Engage in conversation, but don’t pester. Take turns and listen so that your comments aren’t just random comments.
  • Use classroom-safe slang, and don’t use innuendos. Innuendos kill the persona that allows a teacher to brag about you. Your teacher may have more to say about using slang.
  • Don’t give up or have a pity party. No one wants to watch and no teacher ever brags about a whiner. If you’ve made a habit of whining, drop it now. All teachers understand that habits can be hard to break. Make a new one. Kids with As don’t need to whine.